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    For more information about our gift boxes, please contact us at or
    +46 (0) 415 153 00.

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    Food for all occasions! Get inspired by delicious recipes and great pictures. Read the book for free on the web via the link below, or order your own copy by contacting us at

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    About the book: Love & Food, first edition, published in 2015. Softcover, format A5, 88 pages. Price: 59 SEK (plus shipping). Are you a retailer and want to sell the book in your store, please contact your sales representative.


    Christmas 2020

    To read the book, Christmas 2020, click here.

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    Our focus and passion is at the heart of the home – the kitchen. We only use natural ingredients of the highest quality, to produce gourmet products for connoisseurs worldwide.

    Welcome to our tasteful world!

    The Spice Tree and Saga of Sweden are trademarks owned and produced by the company Kryddlager. The head office as well as the factory is located just outside Hörby in Skåne.

  4. A new, exciting phase!

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    The choice of raw ingredients, the manufacture of the products and finally the packaging – everything is done with great care at Kryddlagret.

    – We do not mass produce. Our production is a craft that is handled manually, says Stefan Eriksson, founder and owner, who along with Lindha Le Powlett runs the company with brands such as The Spice Tree och Saga of Sweden.

    Linda le Powlett & Stefan Eriksson driver tillsammans kryddlagret som utvecklar varumärken som The Spice Tree och Saga of Sweden.

    Lindha Le Powlett and Stefan Eriksson run Kryddlagret together. Kryddlagret includes The Spice Tree och Saga of Sweden.

    Products that put a gold edge on everyday life. Kryddlagret is perhaps best known as gourmet food whole salers. In that part of the business, there are products that Kryddlagret produce themselves, such as spices and tea blends, BBQ sauces, flavored oil and vinegar, mustard and dressings, but also products that they buy, such as jam, ketchup, pasta, cookies and candy.
    – Even when it comes to products that we buy, we are very much involved through the entire manufacturing process in order to ensure quality.  Sometimes we even add our own spices and aromas, says Stefan.

    “…from wholesale company in the kitchen segment, to taking a holistic approach to the home.”

    A holistic approach with focus on the details.  Thanks to Lindha Le Powletts interest in design and home decoration, the company has in recent years found its way into a new market – the brand Saga of Sweden now has a large home department.
    – We have developed from being a wholesale company to taking a more holistic approach to the home. We now design and sell anything from blankets to frying pans and chinaware. The idea is that a retailers should be able to fill an entire store with our products, says Stefan.

    Going their own way. Focusing on both food and home decoration, having that holistic approach, is something Kryddlagret did early on. Stefan remembers when he and Lindha a few years back exhibited their new combined concept at the Formex exhibition a few years ago.
    – There were so many people in our stand! Everyone was so curious about this concept.  Today, many others are doing this, but we were one of the first to take on this holistic approach.

    Quality is key. For Stefan and Lindha, quality means everything. Stefan explains why:
    – We bought this company from an elderly couple who ran a shop where quality was in absolute focus. We couldn’t possibly tamper with that, as it is the foundation of the company.
    Today, the business has grown, taking on new shapes and forms, but they never compromise when it comes to quality. But how do they ensure that the quality remains high?

    “We have hade the same suppliers for many years. They are chosen with great care.”

    – By working extremely hard every step throughout the process. We have had the same suppliers fo many years and they are chosen with great care. They know us and the high standards we have.

    The next phase. Kryddlagret is looking forward to an exciting future. Very soon, a 250 square meter showroom will be in use. It is strategically placed right outside of Hörby in Skåne.
    – We will be using the showroom for different events and to invite our customers and retailers. There will also be a photo studio where we can have photo shoots for our catalogs and products. And our head office will be placed there. I am very much looking forward to this!


    FACTS: It all began in 1982 with a gourmet shop in the market house at Lilla torg in Malmö, selling spices, tea blends and oils of the best quality. Within a few years the shop developed into a high quality wholesale company, specializing in making their own spice blends. 

    In 2002, Lindha and Stefan took over the company and the company has since grown with new brands, such as The Spice Tree och Saga by Sweden. The spices and tea blends are still there, although there are many more varieties, and Kryddlagret have taken on a holistic approach to the home, selling anything from ketchup to chinaware.